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Protezione Civile » Università e Formazione, 04 Aprile 2017 alle 16:45:50

Summer School: Building Resilient Communities for Global Disaster Risk Reduction


This course explores how humanitarian organisations intervene in disasters around the world and builds you into a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, computer scientists and social scientists that can respond to humanitarian crises and/or foster community-led development in a culturally sensitive and sustainable way.

Protezione Civile » Università e Formazione, 10 Aprile 2014 alle 15:27:46

Doctorate in urban and regional resilience

ORGANIZZATORE: Dresden Leibniz Graduate School (DLGS)

The Dresden Leibniz Graduate School launches a continuous call for fellowship applications at doctoral level. Applications are welcome form graduates holding a master’s degree (with a master’s thesis) in Spatial Planning and Development (including City and Regional Planning, Urban Regeneration, Landscape Planning, Traffic Planning), Geography, Economics, or Environmental Sciences. Applications from outside of Germany are particularly welcome. 

Protezione Civile » Università e Formazione, 04 Febbraio 2014 alle 10:30:31

Master of crisis and public order management (MCPM)

ORGANIZZATORE: Netherlands Institute for Safety (NIFV) - LUOGO: Netherlands, the (Arnhem) - SCADENZA ISCRIZIONI:

Our society is increasingly vulnerable to major disasters and crises. Every year there are many expected and unexpected events that involve risks and dangers that require a multidisciplinary action. Fire & rescue services, police, medical assistance (GHOR), safety-regions, defense, municipalities, water boards and non-governmental organisations are increasingly working together. Good preparation, good collaboration and professional guidance are key aspects. Crisis managers with enough and sustainable background knowledge are essential. The professional Master of Crisis and Public Order Management (MCPM) provides an academic learning program for experts.

Protezione Civile » Università e Formazione, 23 Dicembre 2013 alle 14:18:55

Erasmus Mundus Master in earthquake engineering and/or engineering seismology (MEEES)

ORGANIZZATORE: Institute for Advanced Study in Pavia (IUSS). UME School - LUOGO: Italy (Pavia) -

Applications for MEEES, approved and financially supported by the European Commission under the framework of the Erasmus Mundus programme, have opened, with a deadline of January 24, 2014. MEEES is organized by a consortium of European university and research institutions, led by IUSS Pavia’s UME (Understanding and Managing Extremes) Graduate School (www.umeschool.it) and featuring the participation of the University of Patras (Greece), the University of Grenoble Joseph Fourier (France), the Middle East Technical University (Turkey).

Protezione Civile » Università e Formazione, 17 Dicembre 2013 alle 14:17:04

Master in disaster management

ORGANIZZATORE: University of Free State (UFS) - LUOGO: Global - South Africa

This Masters degree in Disaster Management is one of the best in Africa. The course structure makes it possible for the professional in the work field to complete the course in two years, and because of this, 80% of the students are part time students. The programme consist of the following:
• three contact sessions during the year
• assignments throughout the year
• examinations
• practical examinations
• mini dissertation


Protezione Civile » Università e Formazione, 13 Agosto 2013 alle 09:30:03

PhD in territory, risk and public policies

ORGANIZZATORE: University of Coimbra Interdisciplinary Research Institute (III) ; University of Aveiro (UA) ; University of Lisbon (UL). Centre for Geographical Studies (CEG) - LUOGO: Portugal (Coimbra)

The PhD in Territory, Risk and Public Policies is an advanced training program geared towards developing skills of scientific research and higher professional qualifications in the sciences of risk. The program is designed for an audience with higher education with diverse backgrounds, ranging from social sciences to natural and exact sciences and technologies, allowing an integrated view, the quantification of resilience and strength of communities and individuals based on the joint consideration of many uncertainties, and the selection of relevant variables for the assessment and perception of risk in human communities.

Protezione Civile » Università e Formazione, 23 Luglio 2013 alle 09:16:23

Executive course in global risk analysis and crisis management

ORGANIZZATORI: Global Governance Institute,Institute for European Studies, Vesalius College - TIPOLOGIA: Training Course - DATA: 01 Sep 2013 - 01 Jun 2014 - LUOGO: Belgium (Brussels)

The Executive Course in Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management – jointly organized by Vesalius College and the Institute for European Studies of the Free University of Brussels (VUB) and the Global Governance Institute (GGI) - provides participants with unique insights and fundamental skills required for mastering the field of global risk analysis, early warning and the management of major man-made and natural disasters.

Protezione Civile » Università e Formazione, 06 Marzo 2013 alle 09:45:59

PhD scholarship

DATORE: Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) - LUOGO: Belgium (Brussels) - SCADENZA BANDO: 20 Mar 2013

Applications are invited for a PhD fellowship under supervision of Professor Debby Guha-Sapir, Director of the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (www.cred.be), and in collaboration with the CRED team.The project will include the conceptual design and implementation of a case study in “health preparedness and heat wave response plans among selected European countries” that will provide the primary materials for the thesis. The candidate will build on the framing and methodological approach of resilience developed by ongoing FP7 projects (e.g. emBRACE). This will be further developed for application in research on risk assessment and multi-sectorial partnerships.

Protezione Civile » Università e Formazione, 26 Febbraio 2013 alle 09:43:30

Disaster studies at bachelor, master and PhD levels

Disaster Studies Wageningen studies how disasters and conflicts affect people and transform societies, and in turn, how disasters and conflicts are socially and historically produced. Special attention is given to the role and perspectives of the actors involved, whether at the local or the global level, and the analysis of intervention policy and practice.

Protezione Civile » Università e Formazione, 19 Febbraio 2013 alle 09:42:00

PhD in Risk and Emergency Management (REM)

The 2013/2014 edition of the Risk and Emergency Management (REM) curriculum of the PhD Programme in Understanding and Managing Extremes (UME) is being offered by the UME Graduate School of the IUSS Pavia to train graduates and professionals in the assessment, mitigation and management of extreme events, with a particular focus on those arising from natural hazards. The unique characteristics of the programme include the broad, interdisciplinary curriculum that includes topics of statistics and probability, law, economics, resource management, natural hazards and risk, finance, insurance, sociology, communication, psychology, public health and medicine, and the innovative teaching structure which allows renowned lecturers from around the world to make up the teaching body.

Protezione Civile » Università e Formazione, 31 Maggio 2011 alle 08:39:08

Bachelor of disaster & emergency management

ORGANIZZAZIONE: York University - LUOGO: Canada (Toronto, Ontario) - TIPOLOGIA: Bachelor - CONTATTO: +1 416-736-5210 or eminfo@yorku.ca

The new Bachelor of Disaster & Emergency Management (BDEM) degree program—launching September 2010— is offered as a 90-credit Bachelor, 120-credit specialized honours and 120-credit honours degree program, with an honours minor and honours double major and major/minor options. http://www.yorku.ca/laps/sas/em/undergrad.html

Protezione Civile » Università e Formazione, 24 Maggio 2011 alle 08:36:33

Master of disaster and emergency management

ORGANIZZAZIONE: York University - TIPOLOGIA: Masters - LUOGO: Canada

The new Master of Arts in Disaster & Emergency Management is the only graduate program of its kind in Ontario and one of only two in Canada. It is designed to meet the critical need for professionals with advanced level knowledge and skills in this exciting and important field. The program will appeal to those currently working in the field looking to assume positions of increasing responsibility as well as those aspiring to become Disaster & Emergency Management professionals.

Protezione Civile » Università e Formazione, 24 Maggio 2011 alle 08:12:21

Emergency management certificate program

ORGANIZZAZIONE: York University - LUOGO: Canada

The Emergency Management Certificate Program has been designed in close consultation with key professional organizations to address core skills and knowledge, and the balance between research, theory and practice required in this vitally important field.

Protezione Civile » Università e Formazione, 10 Febbraio 2011 alle 10:46:49

Emergency management summer institute

ORGANIZZAZIONE: GNS Science / Massey University, Joint Centre for Disaster Research, School of Psychology - TIPOLOGIA: Training Course - LUOGO: New Zealand (Wellington) - DATA: 07-11 Mar 2011

This short course programme has been developed to provide a theoretical and practical introduction to selected topics relating to emergency management. Each course will begin with an introduction and review of New Zealand and international research and practice. The topics will then be explored through a series of relevant case studies. The final session of each module will provide practical tools and guidance for turning the 'theory to practice'.

allegatiProtezione Civile » Università e Formazione, 02 Novembre 2010 alle 10:32:12

Nuovo Master Universitario di 1° livello in 'Infermieristica di Protezione Civile'

Il master nasce per concretizzare l’idea di un “Infermiere di Protezione Civile” che consapevolmente valuta, pianifica e opera negli eventi emergenziali di soccorso alla popolazione.

Saverio Romeo

Il corso si propone di trasmettere nell’ambito delle competenze, specifiche conoscenze e metodi, per un’efficace ed efficiente collaborazione tra tutti i soggetti (soccorso tecnico e soccorso sanitario) componenti il sistema complesso di protezione civile, che vede nella figura dell’infermiere di Protezione Civile, il professionista in grado di affrontare tutte le fasi del soccorso anche in situazioni ad alto rischio.

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